Increase brand awareness among consumers

Increases purchase spend and velocity  Instead of traditional paper cards, which are so commonplace, the unique texture and glossiness make your Custom Membership Cards stand out.

How to earn revenue with gift cards: 

Gift cards aren't just for big chain stores. Small businesses can enjoy increased shopping, new traffic and overall revenue improvements by incorporating them.

  • Gift cards for business make the perfect gift.
  • Is your gift card properly representing your brand?
  • Get the gift card you really want.

Whatever can be printed on paper can almost always be printed on plastic.

So go ahead, indulge yourself.

The back of your Gift Card. With our custom gift card printing, we customize the back of the card just as well as we can do for the front. In most cases, the back of the card is printed in black for the best visibility.

But with us, full color on the back of the card is an option offered with no additional cost.

You can use the space to provide details of your card program, list store locations, promote your website, or whatever other information you need to include. Use your company's unique branded design or logo to better customize your gift cards. Gift cards are reusable, reloadable and easy to use with your point-of-sale system. 

Plus, gift cards are great marketing tools to help you boost customer loyalty and grow your revenue! PLASTIC BUSINESS CARDS: A great option for business, loyalty or membership cards.

Whether you’re passing out contact information or want to create something special for VIPs, our plastic business cards are a great way to get attention.

Their unique texture and appearance make them stand out from regular paper business cards.

The flexible, strong PVC plastic keeps them looking great for a long time. Tips for plastic business cards

Waterproof and durable, plastic cards make great loyalty programs and membership cards.

Designs that use bright colors look great on high-gloss plastic.

Print on both sides to make the most out of your cards.

These waterproof, durable cards are perfect for loyalty program and membership cards.

Does your business card impress your customers? Plastic Business Card Printing That Stands the Test of Time. Your clients will be impressed by the plastic business cards you hand out at a tradeshow or seminar.

We use high quality plastic that immediately stands out compared to ordinary paper. All our customized business cards are printed on material which is waterproof, tear-proof, and extremely durable. The key differences between frosted, white, and clear plastic cards.

White plastic is what we use as our standard business card material, because it provides an opaque background which makes the design stand out.

Full-color printing on the white plastic allows printing on both sides. Printing on both sides is an excellent way to highlight your company logo, name, and information. Frosted Plastic: Frosted plastic cards are semi-transparent with a matte surface.

The frosted finish causes one to refocus their attention only on the information on one side of the card.

Clear Plastic / Clear plastic business cards are transparent on both sides, so you can only print on one side. A clear plastic card will have a shiny finish to it that really makes printing pop.

Combine the Right Shape and Size You can design a standard rectangular business card, or experiment with other shapes. The standard business cards feature rounded corners for comfort and convenience.

Our recommendation is to opt for the 3.375 x 2.125 size for a rectangle design, which is the same size as a standard credit card.

We offer a unique oval shape, for businesses that aim to stand apart from the competition.

Print plastic business cards with us today.


What happens when my designs require either white or color ink on my plastic business cards?

What happens when I have white ink or color on my card design? All white areas on your design will appear either clear, frosted, or white, depending on your choice of plastic material. The material is meant to highlight your company information and logo, so we recommend dark or bold colors to take full advantage of our full-color printing and to contrast the plastic material.

Can I apply sequential numbering, variable printing, and magnetic strips on the plastic card?

  • However, our plastic material can be used to design luxury type promotional tools such as loyalty or discount cards for customers.
  • However, you can utilize our plastic materials to design high-quality promotional materials such as membership or discount cards for your loyal customers.
  • What does the turnaround time indicate?
  • Turnaround represents the number of days required to print your job.
  • It does not include shipping time or direct mail processing time.

All turnaround times are based on business days and do not include national holidays. Plastic Business Cards

It's not always easy to find the right plastic business card design. Our experts can help you decide between clear, frosted, or non-transparent plastic. Our selection of plastic business cards is growing all the time.

Our customer service specialists double-check each order to ensure that your print is correct and your design comes out the way you want it. If you experience any difficulty making your design or you want help with altering an image or your design, just let us know online or on the phone as we are always happy to help.